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Lotus Room is an online shop of select yoga goods.

Did you know the basic yoga sticky mat so many of us use is made of PVC plastic, a petroleum product? When exercising on a PVC mat, the material releases toxic molecules that we touch and breathe.

Tree rubber yoga mats offer a better choice for our health and the environment.

Why the name Lotus Room?

I chose the name in my mother's memory because the meaning of her name was "lotus." My mother was my first yoga teacher and taught me the value of personal practice and continuous study.

The lotus flower rises above its murky waters each day to unfurl its pristine petals, an analogy to our human endeavour to keep the mind pure regardless of surrounding circumstances. The lotus flower has been a prominent symbol in Egyptian, Indian, Thai, and other cultures for millennia. Today in Western society, it is well-recognised symbol for yoga and wellness.

Ariel Meadows

I am a teacher of yoga seeking to share my experience of this beneficial practice. Throughout my life, yoga has been a source of guidance, support and inspiration.

I was introduced to yoga at an early age by my mother, who was a dedicated self-taught practitioner. In the first 10 years of my relationship with yoga, I learned from observing my mother, reading books, and personal practice. 

It was while earning a BA in Anthropology and Asian Studies at the University of Florida that I discovered community yoga classes for the first time. A whole new world soon opened up to me of different styles and teachers. I've continued to enjoy learning about yoga in its myriad forms of expression, incorporating fresh insights into my personal practice along the way.

In 2016 I studied at New Zealand's Centre for Contemporary Yoga Studies to complete my 200-hour yoga teacher certification. My training focused on an integrated, inquisitive and supportive approach to yoga. Guided by four insightful teachers, Dyana Wells, Karla Brodie, Neal Ghoshal and Vincent Boletta, the training was a transformative experience that revealed to me even more of the rich layers of yoga.

I'm currently teaching at various venues around Auckland's North Shore. I look forward to sharing yoga with you.

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